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It is a new year and a good time to revisit the basics and essentials for running and operating a school, particularly in our clime.

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The Fulfilled Teacher – A Book that Every Teacher Should Read

Author: MD Omisore Publisher  Edistyle Company Meet Mrs. Best She is the near perfect example of the fulfilled teacher. She is different from Mr. Droopy


BOOK REVIEW: Golden Pills In A Bowl Of Cherries by Bukunola Akinmoladun

CNB News – ‘I could faintly hear all the frantic screams over my head,’ stated Bukky (shortened form for Bukunola), narrating what happened on that


10 Essential Reasons for School Owners to Train their Staff

Michael Omisore QUESTION : What if we (as a school) invest in the training of staff and they eventually leave us? FLIP-QUESTION : What if


The Remarkable Rebirth of Methodist High School, Ibadan

Michael Omisore CNB New – Four years ago, I wrote an article published by the Punch Newspaper titled, Role of the Alumni in Resuscitating Education.


Motivate Me: A Book Everyone Should Read

Michael Omisore CNB News – As an educator, the question has been put to me several times on why many students are not focused on


A Trailblazer in Education

Michael Omisore CNB News – Celebrating outgoing Vetland Principal, Mrs. A.E. Taiwo, as she drops the pen . It was early 2019. I visited Vetland


2020: The Pains and Gains of Basic Education

Michael Omisore CNB News – Did education in Nigeria have a bad year in 2020? Generally, things didn’t go as planned. School calendars were badly


30 Ways To Appreciate Teachers on Teachers’ DAY.

Michael Omisore CNB News – The World Teachers’ Day (October 5) is here again, and it is a day to, among other things, commend teachers


The 12-sided Resolution for Education

By Michael Omisore, CNB News Michael Omisore (CNB News) – Policy makers and implementers in the education sector should not only subscribe to building school infrastructure


The 7 Habits of the Smart and Brilliant Student

By Michael Omisore, CNB News Michael Omisore (CNB News) – The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everything, including education. And by the time school fully resumes


Our students will get the best of education despite the odds – Dr. Ayandele

By Michael Omisore, CNB News Lagos, Nigeria (CNB News) –  Lagos State Education District III led by Dr. Yinka Ayandele recently launched an initiative called EDUGLOW


A Case Against Examination Malpractice

By Michael Omisore, CNB News The parent that supports his child to cheat in the exam hall have unknowingly introduced the child to criminality and guess


Faith as a Driver of Right Values Among Youths

By Michael Omisore,CNB News Recently, there have been some agitation and clamour among parents and educators in the country against a new fad and identity that


A Day in the Life of a School Owner

By Michael Omisore, CNB News I woke up with a start. I had been dreaming. In the dream, I was driving a vehicle with an adult

African Sport

10 Sweetest Victories of Nigerian Football

I wrote this article about five years ago. It is still relevant today as there has been no significant achievement made by any of the