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Author: MD Omisore
Publisher  Edistyle Company

Meet Mrs. Best
She is the near perfect example of the fulfilled teacher. She is different from Mr. Droopy and Miss Irk – two other teachers in the same school – in that she is super excited about her work and forging ahead in her profession as a result. Oh, yes, she faces the same challenges as her colleagues, and perhaps more, because her resolution to be a high-flyer despite the huge odds along her way constantly set her against the tide of mediocrity that has almost enveloped the school system in her clime. Is she overwhelmed by these challenges? No! Not Mrs. Best. She is not only surviving as a teacher, she is actually thriving, riding the waves of knowledge, expertise, innovation and resilience to display best practices in the teaching profession, to the satisfaction of her employer, the amazement of her colleagues, and the great benefits of her students. She is who her name says she is, BEST!

B – Bond with students regarding their studies.

E – Educate with the goal of education in mind.

S – Subscribe to career growth and development.

T – Take opportunities as they come to realise career benefits.

But why is she so excellent? What really makes her stand out? How can the average teacher become a professional like her? The Fulfilled Teacher reveals in Mrs. Best the distinguishing elements in the teaching profession, in contrast to unprofessional attitudes and actions (seen in Mr. Droopy and Miss Irk) that smell mediocrity and spell doom. This book is a must read for every teacher that is interested in uniquely charting a career path in the teaching profession – to his or her fulfilment and prosperity – irrespective of what the current remuneration suggests.

The 140-page instructive and motivational book kicks off with a sublime preface creatively written to get the attention of the average teacher, while the introduction (after the foreword by Dr. Mrs. Yinka Ayandele, TG/PS, Lagos State Education District 3) spells out the essence of the book, whiich is to help teachers realise fulfilment in their career journey. The first chapter further expatiate on the three kinds of teachers and what they represent, and prepares the reader for the next five chapters (Chapters 2 to 6) — the fulcrum of the book — which cover the A, B, C, D and E ideals that will make one a fulfilled teacher. From one chapter to the next, the average teacher can evaluate herself and be inspired to perform more optimally for outlined career gains and benefits .

The seventh chapter is the climax. Taking off from a unique equation for the teaching profession stated in the sixth chapter, it shows how the reader can cash in on her teaching experiences to make the most of her career and even be rewarded along the way — by her charting a career path for herself in the teaching field.

The book breathes great hope for the teaching profession and professionals if they (the professionals) will quit excuses and grow their potentials despite the challenges. It is written to help facilitate the rebranding that needs to happen which will make the profession to attract the honour and respect it really deserves in the society.

The book ultimately urges and nudges the teacher out there to be like Mrs. Best, and by so doing, become a productive teaching professional that the world will envy rather than pity.

The ebook goes for N1,000. Payment should be made to the publisher’s account Edistyle Company 0010070825 GTBank. After payment, send a notice of payment to 08060940106 with the email address you would like the ebook to be sent to.

To the Success of our Teachers!

MD Omisore
Author, Education Columnist and Consultant

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  • Oyedele Bridget Ngozi, October 22, 2021 @ 8:48 pm Reply

    This will make a great and worthwhile read!Catchy already!Thumbs up!
    I am interested ooo!
    Oyedele B.N.

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