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ZUGACOIN which is considered to be the most expensive cryptocurrency just hit a ground breaking price of $51,632.09 in less than 17days of its official release on the global exchange platforms.

On 15th Dec. 2020, Zugacoin was officially listed on CoinMarket Cap making its CEO, Archbishop Sam Zuga, the first African to list his Coin on CoinMarket Cap. 14 days after its official release and been listed on several international exchange plaforms like: Coin Gecko, Uniswap, Indoex, Vindax and Nellerabox.

With this feat, Zugacoin continues to gain grounds, making historic progress in the world of cryptocurrency, a possible projection of Zugacoin is to hit $100,000 before the year 2021 runs out, surpasses every cryptocurrencies  worldwide price rate and currently more expensive and valuable than Bitcoin, which is considered the mother-of-all Cryptocurrencies.

A call to reminder for investors, with as little as $20, a fraction of Zugacoin could be purchased with a guaranteed growth and turn over. No matter the fraction of Zugacoin you buy, you are sure of getting your ROI (Return of Investment) back in more than 10 folds,” says the excited CEO.

December 1, ZUGACOIN made history and a ground breaking ICO; it became the first Cryptocurrency that started ICO with 100% trading stability and maintain it for over 24 hours without dropping, with the price set on INDOEX EXCHANGE platform.

At the rate of 1 Zugacoin to $48,957 which in naira is N24,037,887 (Twenty four million, and thirty seven thousand, eight hundred & eighty seven naira), currently updated to $51,632.09 to 1 zugacoin.

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