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CNB News – Nigerians and other Africans at large have been advised to outsmart others and take due advantage of Zugacoin which is about to be released into the world Cryptocurrency market.

The reason, is not farfetched – This is to avoid foreigners who know the worth to come and clear the little quantity of the coins to become richer, still leaving Nigerians and Africans in poverty.

According to analysis, the prospect of
ZUGACOIN as at 1/11/2020; the currency have only 1,000,000 tokens valued at 100 Ethereum each as the initial cost.
Presently, the cost of 1ETH = $387.4
1ETH = #183.825
This simply means, the cost of 1 ZUGACOIN (1SZC) is 38,742 dollars and 18,402,450 Naira, the value is attached to the cost of Ethereum, it will be going up according to the value of Ethereum.

According to the worldometer elaboration report, Nigeria estimated population as at 23rd September 2020 was 207,264,382 while Africa is 1,347,421,051 as at 20th September.
In view of the above, only 1,000,000 ZUGACOIN will not be enough to service even Nigeria’s population alone. As a result of this, ZUGACOIN will be very scarce and that will make it very very expensive.

ZUGACOIN is designed deliberately to be very costly so that whoever have it will be very very rich, no matter how few your zugabites may be.
ZUGACOIN tokens would be exhausted before taking it to the Coin Capital Market to overtake the Global Coin market.

According to the Bishop Sam Zuga, in collaboration with his relentless team members, they are doing everything deliberately, having studied the global Coin market comprehensively.

He adds, “We are still giving free zugabites.
We are going to educate Nigerians on how to become rich through ZUGACOIN by constantly organizing AFRICAN FINANCIAL REVOLUTION CONFERENCE (AFREC). Aggressive approach would be given in this direction.”
Speaking further, the cleric also known as Jehovah’s Field Marshall stated that, “No Government have authority over the control of Cryptocurrency. Users are the only people that can increase the value or decrease it.
ZUGACOIN is going to be the most valuable and expensive Cryptocurrency in the world.”

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