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CNB News –  Information and communication technology (ICT) has a changing power and digitalization is gradually changing society in all aspects of life.

Elated by this fact, Archbishop Sam Zuga has called on all Nigerians ICT experts to join him in using technology to lift the country from abject poverty.

The Archbishop widely known for his philanthropy and poverty alleviation programs across the country penned an open letter to all practising Information and communication technology experts in Nigeria.

According to him, he tacitly returned to his country home from Dubai, built many internet based projects that would transform Nigeria easily and needs the support of experts in the field to move his visions to accomplishments.

The letter made available to press men reads:


It is my pleasure to appreciate your decision to choose ICT even when it was not popular. Your earliest discovery and commitment to enhancement has made you an expert today.

One of the major problems of Nigeria is too much English. The intelligence of people is weighed by how much grammar you can speak and how many papers you can put on the table, being it certificate or cash. Practical knowledge is neglected while academic knowledge is overrated. No wonder, examination malpractice is on the increase day by day.

We are talking analog Agriculture in Nigeria while the world has gone digital in all aspect including Nanny and house help.

World richest people are no longer political office holders who stole public funds or business people who built refineries, industries and other physical structural businesses but rather internet/digital and technological based businesses.

Miscalculation is the only reason why people lose in games, business and even in life. Is miscalculation that made Nokia and many other companies disappeared.

If we really want a better Nigeria, we must not miscalculate by embracing ICT and encouraging our younger generation to focus more on it.

This is the reason why I came back from Dubai to lead the way of creating another Nigeria inside Nigeria. Since I came back in February 2020, I built many internet based projects that would transform Nigeria easily without necessarily holding protest here and there with series of industrial strikes.

I am hereby calling all ICT experts that cares to stand with me in this project of creating another Nigeria inside Nigeria, using the tool of technology, especially on the platform of ZUGACOIN to click on the link below and apply.

Qualified people would be invited for an interview and subsequently embark on massive jobs creations. I urge you to be part of this turning point agenda.

Thanks and God bless you.

ARCHBISHOP DR SAM ZUGA (Jehovah’s Field Marshall)

Application is valid from 30 – 31st October 2020.

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