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Fiorentina players Erick Pulgar and Simone Ghidotti have tested positive for COVID-19.


The full squad and staff were tested yesterday afternoon, as per protocol ahead of pre-season training.

A statement confirms the two players tested positive, but are asymptomatic, and have been put into isolation.

The rest of the squad will begin training tomorrow.

There are numerous cases at clubs all over Italy in Serie A and B, as the feared ‘second wave’ of Coronavirus appears to be striking.

On the other hand, all the cases so far have been asymptomatic, suggesting the virus itself is weaker, or that it is simply being spread more easily because more people are passing it on without realising they are carriers.

Yesterday, for the first time since May 12, there were over 1,000 new positive COVID-19 cases registered in Italy.

This is very likely because of the summer vacation season, with more people travelling and easing lockdown restrictions.

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