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By Michael Omisore, CNB News

Michael Omisore

(CNB News) – The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everything, including education. And by the time school fully resumes physically, learning will be different in some ways from what it used to be. So, what should students expect? First of all, learning will tend towards being virtual, and with that, learning periods will most likely be shorter or less teacher-controlled. Learning may also require more attention because of less details during teaching. Students may need to be more guided and guarded from undue exposures as learning go online. In all, learning will become more dynamic, so students must know how to derive knowledge from different perspectives and scenarios.

To prepare students for what lies just ahead as schools resume, I have painted an ideal learner that I callĀ  The Smart and Brilliant Student, which the average student can pattern after to brave the odds and realise excellent learning outcomes in the new normal. Here are the 7 Habits of the ideal Smart and Brilliant Student for every learner to note and possibly imbibe.

1. The Smart and Brilliant Student Reads Deep and Wide

Reading definitely is at the core of learning. But how does a student read to really get the best out of the act? There is depth and width to reading. You read wide to get knowledgeable generally but you read deep to get rooted in specific knowledge, particularly knowledge pertaining to school work and syllabus.

My advice to students: Don’t just be about reading your school notes and textbooks alone. Also, get exposed to interesting and morally sound story books, novels, magazines, journals etc that will add more knowledge to you. Students can no longer afford to be narrow minded The added wide knowledge will complement the efforts to develop depth in the various school subjects and topics.

2. The Smart and Brilliant Student Shares Knowledge

Knowledge sharing helps the student to reinforce the knowledge already acquired. As a student, one of the best things you will do for yourself regarding learning is to have a reading partner(s) either a sibling(s) or a school mate(s). Your parents if they have the time can also be your reading partner. The whole idea is to have someone you share knowledge with so that you can get more grounded in the facts, methods and operations of the learning acquired.

You can also join a readers’ club, literary club, computer club etc. in order to have a forum where you can always share as well as gain knowledge.


3. The Smart and Brilliant Student Builds Vocabulary

Vocabulary helps with expression as well as understanding. As a student, no matter how naturally good you are in a subject, you will be limited by your vocabulary if it is not good enough.

You need to consciously develop your vocabulary by checking up words and expressions in the dictionary, and listening, relating or/and conversing with those that have good vocabulary and try to express yourself accordingly.

4. The Smart and Brilliant Student Uses Journals

I am sure you know what a diary is. It is a calendar-based book that we use to outline appointments and records personal information. A journal is similar, only it is not necessarily calendar-based (you can turn an exercise book into a journal), and is used purposely among other things to document happenings and experiences.

Using a journal is very good for students because it will help the student to reflect on relevant experiences, and by reflecting, good learning ideas tend to come.


5. The Smart and Brilliant Student Develops Writing

Student, whether you are aware of it or not, writing is something you do everyday in school. It is also largely the medium at which you are tested at the end of the term. A lot of students fail exam, not because they don’t have an idea of what the answers to the questions are, but they just don’t know how to put down those answers well the way an examiner will appreciate.

If writing is that important, then you should develop your writing skills such that you are able to articulate your written expression in the best way possible in order to get the best of marks and grades. Particularly now that learning is becoming more conceptualised, good writing skills are required.


6. The Smart and Brilliant Student Develops Digital Skills

Whether we all like it or not, the world is going really digital, and learning cannot be left behind. As a student, you should be able to adapt to using different digital aids and platforms. It may get to a stage when learning will totally be on these platforms. So you don’t want to be an illiterate where digital aids and platforms are concerned.

Be complaint with technology. Learn coding when you have the opportunity. If you are not so tech inclined, at least know how learning aids and platforms work, so that you can use them appropriately and accordingly.


7. The Smart and Brilliant Student Works on Projects

This is the height of it all. You must be such a student ready to take up learning challenges based on what you have been taught and what you are exposed to.You must be a critical thinker enough to take up projects in science, arts, crafts,. literature etc based on your knowledge and leaning. Projects make you learn a great deal more, and get you prepared for life as a professional later in future.

Outlining the 7 habits and their respective key result, today’s student should:

1. Read Deep and Wide for ASSIMILATION .

2. Share Knowledge for REINFORCEMENT (of knowledge)

3. Build Vocabulary for EXPRESSION

4. Use Journal for REFLECTION

5. Develop Writing Skills for ARTICULATION

6. Develop Digital Skills for COMPLIANCE

7. Work on Projects for (sense of) ACCOMPLISHMENT

To be a Smart and Brilliant Student in today’s learning space, these seven end-qualities of assimilation, reinforcement of knowledge, expression, reflection, articulation, compliance and a sense of accomplishment are vitally needed.

As you work on forming these 7 habits, you will realise these qualities more and more.

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  • Abass Subedat, August 12, 2022 @ 4:21 pm Reply

    When I read all this habits I realize that have lost many things and also by working on it now I am very sure that I will gain it back. Thanks very much I really appreciate by standing up with all this things, God will continue be with you.

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