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In a discussion with his brother Felix for “Einfach Mal Luppen”, the German midfielder was asked to name the team he’d like to be in to end his career.

Toni Kroos is preparing, along with his Real Madrid teammates, for the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Manchester City. But ahead of Thursday’s flight to England the German midfielder found time to record a new episode of the podcast ‘Einfach Mal Luppen’, where he revealed the XI he’d want for his testimonial.

Kroos selects testimonial XI
Together with his brother Felix, thoughts were focused into the future when Toni may get the chance to play in a farewell match to put an end to his career. This was a proposition put to him by one of their listeners and the Madrid star didn’t hesitate to give it a go, although he did joke that it felt a little early to be talking about his demise.

Within the line-up, which Kroos drew on a sheet of paper and shared with his followers on social media, the midfielder chose footballers with whom he had played with at various stages of his career. His Bayern and national team colleague Neuer would take up his position between the sticks, and in front of him would be a backline of Reinartz, Castro (both shared a dressing room with him at Leverkusen) and his current captain, Sergio Ramos, who he describes as “one of the best centre-backs of all time.”

The Madrid contingent continues in the middle of the park as he is accompanied by Modric and Casemiro – key cogs in the triple Champions League successes – and they are joined by Kimmich.

Up front, to complete the 3-4-3 formation would be Müller from Bayern, the already retired Klose, and Cristiano Ronaldo. “He is the best player I have ever played with,” Kroos stated about the Portuguese forward.


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