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Jamie Carragher told Sadio Mane he loves him in a highly amusing interview after Liverpool lifted the Premier League trophy.
The Reds beat Chelsea in a thrilling 5-3 win on Wednesday night and were then presented with the cup on the famous Kop end of Anfield.
Mane, who was donning a scarf and proudly wearing his winners’ medal, spoke to Carragher on Sky Sports , and the former Liverpool defender started by saying: “You do know I love you, don’t you?”
Mane laughed, and replied: “I know. I love you too.”
Reflecting on his time at the club and what he has achieved since arriving from Southampton in 2016, Mane said: “I can still remember the first day he (Jurgen Klopp) called me and I said ‘yes, I will come.’ Today you can see how the team have developed and changed in a good way.

“To be honest I’m really happy and proud to be part of this great club.”
Carragher then concluded the interview by shouting over the PA system to add: “Well I can’t hear a word you’re saying. I’ve told you that I love you, so you go and celebrate and enjoy yourself.”
He later posted a video of the clip on his Twitter account along with the caption: “You do know I love you Sadio!”
Klopp, meanwhile, gave a passionate speech to Liverpool fans insisting they will celebrate properly once the coronavirus pandemic has passed.
The German manager told Sky Sports: “What can I say? If you don’t see that we do it for you I can’t help you, really.
“Five years ago I asked you to change from doubters to believers. I said the minute before the press conference, I had no idea when they asked it that they would ask it.

“But you did it. You made us happen, really. Thank you very much.
“We all together should celebrate. At home, safe, drink what you want.
“But you have to prepare for a party. I don’t know when this bull

virus will be gone, but then we will have a party, all together.
“Make sure you are ready then. Thank you very much.”

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