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By Zaynah Atanda, CNB News

John Cena is one of the biggest stars WWE has produced in recent years. Arguably the biggest star and greatest champion in WWE history.

Cena has done it all from making movies to the most number of wishes under the Make A Wish Foundation.

In WWE, John Cena is a Grand Slam Champion. He is a sixteen-time World Champion, a Royal Rumble winner, a Money In The Bank winner.

Many wrestling fans began to talk when rumors regarding John Cena’s contract with WWE expiring was doing the rounds recently.

It should be said that Cena has been vocal about not wrestling for a company other than WWE. So even if his contract with Vince McMahon’s company does expire, it is highly unlikely he works for another wrestling outfit.

Cena was last seen in the WWE at Wrestlemania 36 when he fought The Fiend in a Firefly fun House Match. Cena lost and seemingly said his goodbyes in a cryptic message.

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