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  • Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos among high-profile twitter accounts hacked to promote a Bitcoin scam
  • Several other verified accounts appear to have been compromised as well, including Square’s Cash App and Uber, Kanye West, Joe Biden.

(CNB News) – Twitter handles belonging to Several prominent hacked, including those of former Vice President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, were  apparently hacked to promote a Bitcoin scam.

The Tesla CEO’s account featured a tweet shortly after 4:15 p.m. saying, “I‘m feeling generous because of COVID-19. I’ll double any BTC payment sent to my BTC address for the next hour. Good luck, and stay safe out there!” The post also contained a bitcoin address.

That post was deleted and replaced with one reading, “Feeling grateful doubling all payments sent to my BTC address! You send $1,000, I send back $2,000! Only doing this for the next 30 minutes,” along with the same address. That post was also deleted.

Soon after, Bill Gates’s account posted a similar message to Musks’s second one, with the same address. That was also deleted.

Several other verified accounts appear to have been compromised as well, including Square’s Cash App and Uber.

The attack appears likely to be the largest ever on Twitter’s security system.

The posts all included the address of the same bitcoin wallet, which has seen up to $100,000 pour into it over the last few hours. It is unclear if this money came from unsuspecting users or the scammers themselves.

Other major accounts being hacked include companies like Uber, Square’s Cash App and Apple.

Celebrities including Kanye West also posted similar messages, as well as political figures like former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Every tweet was deleted soon after being posted. While individual accounts are often hacked – especially ones that do not use security measures like two factor authentication – the scope of the effort raises the potential of a deeper security failure.

A spokesperson for Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the posts.

Both accounts sent out tweets promising to double the money sent by anyone sending money via Bitcoin within the next 30 minutes.

Uber and Apple Twitter handles posted similar tweets with the scam soon after.

Cybersecurity news platform The Hacker News said the bitcoin account involved had already received nearly $55,000.

Twitter says it is investigating the issue. Twitter shares declined 2.3% post market.

Analysis has shown that the hacker has made over $7million from the messages been posted from several top high profile account.


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