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By Cypher Kwaku Boateng, CNB News

Following media reports from Kumasi that the much publicised report by the GFA that it has reached a CONSENSUS with the Youth Employment Authority (YEA) for players of the Women’s Premier League to be paid a monthly salary of 500 Cedis per month, The Loop has delved into the matter for verification.

What got The Loop curious to embark on a verification journey, is the one-sided announcement by the GFA for such an important partnership. Intriguingly, the YEA has so far, not said anything about it publicly; not even on its website.

Upon checks, a highly-placed source has confirmed to the Loop that there has been such a proposal and discussions furthered; but the source denied that an agreement had been reached.

The source expressed surprise how the FA broke protocol to hurriedly make an announcement when discussions are ongoing and the YEA would even have to get approvals at relevant levels should it even reach an agreement with the GFA.

The source said as a result of the hurried announcement, the program is on hold.






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