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  • I’m licensed by God to revive Africa from White’s slavery, Bishop Sam Zuga.
  • I discovered the problem of every African is nothing but mental slavery, Bishop Sam zuga
  • The independent Africans claim they got is not in existence, we are still depending on US. UK. China etc

(CNB News) – Popular Nigerian Bishop, Sam Zuga has asserted that despite years of independence, Nigeria and other African countries in general are still under slavery of the White man.

The bold and quite outspoken cleric who is the General Overseer of House of Joy Ministry believes he is the one licensed by God to revive the African Continent from Mental Slavery, starting with his home town, Tiv land in Benue State, Nigeria.

Explaining further, Bishop Sam Zuga said the era of Mental revolution is here and the chains of mental slavery must be broken through him as a divine assignment.

“Sometimes the chains that prevents us from being free are more mental than physical and I am here as mental revolutionist. I will make sure every African discover who he/she is and will bring them out of mental slavery. I will also make Africans to understand that they are still not independent and until they’re independent things will not change. The independent we claim we got is not in existence, we are still depending on US. UK. China etc. They control everything here and they make us to understand that we are not capable of living on our own. They make us to believe in them and hate ourselves, destroying our lands. They are killing us gradually to takeover our land and I Bishop Dr Sam Zuga heard God clearly on 03/01/2007 saying: ‘the world revival you heard of that is starting in Africa, Nigeria, Benue state, Tiv land in particular, this is the time and I am giving you the privilege to spearhead it. So, I am licensed by God to revive Africa physically, mentally and otherwise with full assurance that the white are not going to takeover this land. In a very short while, the so call dark continent will become the light of the world,” he stated.
Continuing, Sam Zuga added that the best way to solve a problem is to identify the problem and on that note he has worked out a formula to tackle Africa’s inferiority complex.

“I discovered the problem of every African is nothing but mental slavery so now the solution for this problem is:
(1) self- discovery. (2) self-discipline. (3) self-discharge
So, Africa discover who you are and stop depending on the white, they hate you. Africa discipline yourself to be a good citizen and become a good leader.
Africa learn how to discover the bad elements that will destroy you and discharge them quickly for the betterment of our land.
Self-discovery +self-discipline+self-discharge = mental revolution; Bishop Dr Sam zuga (Jehovah field Marshal),” he concluded.


Bishop sam zuga is a Nigerian preacher, hails from Benue State (middle belt/North Central) Nigeria. He’s the  general overseer of house of JOY MINISTRY, a well known philantropist, founded Sam Zuga Foundation whose Free Medical treatments has reached out to millions of Nigerians and beyond, President at Sam zuga International/empire.

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