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(CNB News) – Liverpool could miss out on their first Premier League title in 30 years if 14 Premier League clubs agree to declare the season null and void.

Last week it was announced that the Premier League would be been suspended until April 4 at the earliest due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

While Jurgen Klopp’s side sits 25 points clear of Manchester City at the top of the table after 29 matches, the Reds fate could lie in the hands of the other 19 teams in the league.

Premier League chiefs are set to host an emergency meeting regarding the 2019/20 season on Thursday and could be forced to call on a majority decision.

According to the Evening Standard, a rule could be imposed to declare the season null and void, should 14 of the 20 clubs in the league agreed on the decision.

While nothing has been made clear yet, if the league is played out this year, it’s likely to be behind closed doors – which Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk claimed he would be ‘gutted’ about.

If we won it in an empty stadium and the fans weren’t there, I’d be gutted for them,” van Dijk told Het Nieuwsblad.

“Obviously, if there are no fans at Anfield, then it will be a bit of a blow – no one wants to play games without the fans.”

The Netherlands international also stated he’s confident they will secure the title, with just six points needed to be crowned the champions of England.

“Until a decision is made on how we go on from here, then we just have to deal with it. But when it happens, we are still bringing the title to our fans, definitely.”

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