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Kano, Nigeria.(CNB News) – The Emir of Bichi, Aminu Ado Bayero has been announced as the new Emir of Kano.

The announcement was made by the Secretary to the State Government, Usman Alhaji a few hours after the removal of Muhammadu Sanusi II, one of Nigeria’s most influential Muslim traditional leaders.

The emir has been removed from the palace in the city of Kano by security forces. It is not clear where he has been taken, but by tradition he will be expected to live in exile outside the emirate for the rest of his life.

He was deposed for showing “insubordination” to the authorities in the northern state of Kano. Mr Sanusi, an ex-central bank chief, has had frosty relations with Kano Governor Abdullahi Ganduje since 2017.

His supporters believe he was sacked for opposing Mr Ganduje’s re-election last year.

Aminu Ado Bayero, the son of Mr Sanusi’s predecessor who ruled Kano for more than half a century until his death in 2014, has been chosen as the new emir by the local authorities.

According to the SSG, the appointment took immediate effect.

Why was Muhammadu Sanusi II sacked?

The government said he was removed “in order to safeguard the sanctity, culture, tradition, religion and prestige of the Kano emirate”, accusing the emir of “total disrespect” of institutions and the governor’s office.

What happened before the dethronement

he Kano State Government on wrote to the then Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi, to respond to a letter earlier appointing him as the head of the council of chiefs in Kano State.

The letter was signed by the permanent secretary, special duties in Kano, Musa Bichi.

Mr Bichi said Governor Abdullahi Ganduje is requesting Mr Sanusi to respond to the letter within two days to indicate his acceptance or otherwise of his appointment as the head of the council of chiefs, kano State Emirates Council.

Mr Ganduje appointed Mr Sanusi as head of the council of chiefs. He also ordered Mr Sanusi to immediately summon the inaugural meeting of the council in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

The state government explained that the headship of the council of chiefs would be rotational among the now five first class emirs in the state.

Many believe the governor’s appointment of Mr Sanusi as head of the council of chiefs was a poisoned chalice as Mr Sanusi is opposed to the creation of the four new emirates. Also, the governor’s directive that the Kano emir calls a meeting of the council of chiefs
was seen as a prelude to possible disciplinary actions against Mr Sanusi should he refuse to hold the meeting.

Before his recent creation of four new emirates and appointment of emirs for them, the emir of Kano was the only first-class emir in the state.

Many believe the creation of the new emirates was to whittle down the influence of Mr Sanusi who had been critical of Mr Ganduje’s administration.

Who is Mr Sanusi?

Born into the Fulani royal family, Lamido Sanusi became the 14th Emir of Kano in 2014 after the death of Ado Bayero.

He described the post, which carries enormous weight among Nigeria’s northern Muslims, as a life-long ambition.

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