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(CNB News) – Days after the cleric launched the establishment of 1,000 businesses for women and youths through a soft loan grant in accordance with the Samzuga vision0202-2020, Bishop Sam Zuga has also established Samzuga empowerment Academy to train beneficiaries of the Samzuga empowerment soft loan, also the Empowerment academy is the first of its kind in Africa, if not in the world.

Not relenting on his dreams and visions to make Nigeria a better place, to provide alternative job opportunities for the agile youths, Bishop Sam Zuga of House of Joy ministry, the founder of many companies and organizations including Samzuga foundation and Samzuga international business Empire has Established samzuga empowerment Academy to further educate and train beneficiaries of the soft loan on how to invest wisely on any kind of business.

The Samzuga Empowerment Academy was officially launched during the Samzuga free solar installation and system training event in Yola.

Speaking on why the empowerment Academy was needed to further train beneficiaries of the soft loan, he said: ” This school is established to teach people on FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE not to fail in any kind of business they will be getting into, Many people failed as a result of lack of Financial intelligence. All the training which covers a wide range of skills acquisitions in various areas is free of charge, Business experts will also be coming in to train and properly guide beneficiaries before they can receive the Empowerment soft loan according to the procedure.”

Speaking further, the cleric who is troubled over Nigeria’s poor economic situation and the suffering of the masses said: “I’m doing everything within my capacity to create alternative jobs aside the government job for our youths, lets engage the youths lets engage Nigerians, I’m taking this lead, and I have established several companies and organizations which are home and abroad to address the issue of unemployment.
Which are: Samzuga Empowerment Academy, Samzuga international football Academy, Samzuga international family, Samzuga business Empire, Samzuga foundation, Samzuga University of Technology, Samzuga Agro and global resources, Samzuga Gospel Dancers and Entertainment Industry, Samzuga Garments, Beauty and Fashion Industry and Samzuga Gold Trading LLC

With all these companies and organizations have been able to set up, the issue of unemployment will be alleviated” he stated.

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