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Controversial celebrity, Speed Darlington has responded to the claims that he refused to pay a bike man, whom he was spotted having altercation with.



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It was gathered that Speed refused to pay the bike man, who was supposed to convey him to0 Lekki from Ikeja, but asked the bike man to stop at Yaba where he wanted to get something which led to a fight.



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He mentioned that, he because the bike man wanted to rob him, not because he anted to pay him.


“How do you know that this bike man was not setting me up to rob me? who picks up a passenger go halfway then shut the engine off and begin to make phone calls? my whole brain & street instincts told me that I was being set up to be robbed. Plus I had my 2 million jewelry on me so I left him with 500 naira, our agreement was 2000 from Ikeja to lekki but when he begin to do other business on my time my antennas begin to radiate on maximum frequency. + I told myself police extort me 2 hours ago so I wasn’t gonna let him do me like the police did me two hours early”.


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