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Hantoukoura, Burkina Faso (CNB News) Following the deadly terrorist attacks that happened in Burkina Faso, killingĀ 35 civilians, almost all of them women, on Christmas eve, the French government has announced it’ll be deploying it’s military to the African nation.

The attack seen as one of the deadliest in the 5 year history of jihadist operations in the country killed seven soldiers and 80 jihadists in Arbinda town in Soum province (incase you

Florence Parly, the French minister of armed forces announced her country will be deploying ground troops to the “three border” areas of Burkina Faso.

During a visit to the country’s capital, Ouagadougou, she said , “the launch of operation ‘Bourgou 4’ will be led by Barkhane [France’s military operation in the Sahel region of Africa], but with the eminent contribution of two Burkinabe companies. The operation will take place in the coming days in the three border area, which is where there is most need.”

This move represents France’s first major commitment of ground troops in Burkina Faso, since over the last 5 years, France has deployed the majority of its 4,500 troops to other African countries like Mali, Niger and Chad.
The “three borders area” of the country is where Burkina Faso’s border meets those of Mali and Niger, a region severely threatened by jihadist groups.

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