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CNB News – Comr Ugwu Collins C has commented his fellow colleague, Comr Akpa Francis for his doggedness, optimism, loyalty and enthusiasm to Atiku towards the actualization of  the people’s mandate up to the Supreme Court verdict on the presidential election tribunal.

Comr Ugwu Collins C Wrote:


For the weak, there are negatives in everything that didn’t work out just fine. But the strong sees positives in every failed adventure, thus they continue stronger and better.

The months long legal battle of the Presidential election result outcome was in a shameful and expected manner ended yesterday. A big loss for the nation as the judiciary remain a tool in the hands of the executive. That is now gone and a new era is set.

However, there are great men who fought valiantly and were unshakable from the beginning to the last day. People who gushed out loyalty, enthusiasm, strong believe, intelligence and relentless energy from the beginning to the end of it. One of the great men is our own Comr. Akpa Francis, his doggedness, optimism, loyalty and enthusiasm about his master Atiku Abubakar’s course from the beginning to the end never dropped 1%.

I personally followed your blogs write ups and response to the opposition commentators who tried to undermine the the truth and ridicule your principal, but you always thrilled me with your polite and factual presentation of points to see them off maintaining a high level of maturity and diplomacy. In you, Enugu state have a great son indeed. I will always take pride in tapping from your wealth of experience and self confidence. You really proved yourself a seasoned and effective media influencer.

To you Comr Akpa Francis, I strongly believe that this over three years journey and experience have given you more knowledge, political experience and exposure. You will be remembered by your principal as one who is loyal to the core, relentlessly energetic and unintimidated. What a nice political CV you have built for yourself. You can always get better. I admire the man have become and hope to see you soon in the corridor.

Many would have pulled out and given up in the face of trolls and discouragement instead you gave it your best and have established yourself a seasoned brave and intelligent soldier who completes a given task no matter how tough it turn out to be.

I congratulate you on this achievement. You deserve an award of excellence and bravery for the good job you did. Posterity will remember you for the good fight

Let me state categorically that if I happen to be an office holder in Nigeria, there aren’t many I can put in charge of important positions over a loyal, vibrant and relentless young man like you. You gave it the best of ability. You are a great gift to your master

I wish you and the whole Atiku political family well in your future endeavors.

Long live Nigeria
Long live Atiku Abubakar
Long live Comr Akpa Francis

Comr. Ugwu Collins C
Email :
Nsukka, Enugu State.

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