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CNB News – Bishop Sam Zuga of House of Joy ministry who recently lunched his free Medical treatment in four different states in Nigeria and barely days of organizing a massive free Medical treatment in Yola has again lunched his free medical treatment in Igala Land, kogi state.

As always expected, the turnout to the newly lunched free medical treatment was another milestone recorded for the progress of Sam Zuga free medical treatment Foundation.

He was then honoured with an award of excellence and was given free land towards building Sam zuga free medical treatment program.

The Overwelmed Bishop in his speech to the good people of Attah Igala said;

“Thank you Attah Igala, the District Head of Ejule and the entire people of Igala land, for accepting my Free medical treatment program.

I thank you for the reception, the award, the honour, the land you donated for building of Samzuga foundation free medical center, above all, believing in me.

God of heaven will surely meet you at the point of your needs”

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