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CNB News – Nigerian Super Model, Jasanya Adetutu Popularly known as Avatar release more stunning and body banging studio pictures of herself.

The Model who is believed to have traveled far and wide also has model for different brands in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Dubai and many other places , she has always inspire to give a different meaning and interpretation to photography.

Speaking to CNB News Lifestyle  She said: i have always wanted  to interpret my story true photography, give it a different way to telling stories, she added: I remember my official photographer once told me to be bold in whatever I do.

First time I took a nude photoshoot I was shy and afraid, but then I realised its my story and it’s all about me and what I really want to go into coupled with the words of encouragement from people, I stood tall again and continue my nude shoot and it’s been amazing doing what makes me happy.

She is  @ts_avatar on instagram  or email:

More photos below:

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    Since it’s make you happy no p

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