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CNB News – Nollywood Movie director Billion Obi has given us all a movie for reflection and entertainment in a way to start a conversation and change the narratives about love, Rape and Domestic Violence.
 If you have not yet watched “Thick Skinned” as directed by Billion Obi, then you are missing, no two ways about it. It’s a movie that has a part of every one of us in it.
Bellow are comments from those who have watched and enjoyed the movie, I know you will  love to watch the most  talked about movie. Well,  stay glued to your TV as the movie is already  made available on IROKOTV.

Oluwa Bih Tayim  said:
The best movie I ever watched in all my life.

Drew Willington  said:
First of all i think that the director did very well on directing this movie

Tebeah Saye  said:
This was a touching movie

Rhoda said:
Ola oni  said:
Very touching. I love the end. Brought me to tears. The John boy has a soft face you can easily connect with.
Luvurself Francis said:
The way i wanna split Stan nze head with a cutlass eh its not funny…
Martinez  said:
Good movie and touching storyline. Domestic violence, physical/emotional abuse
Ada Mazi said:
God knows I wont even get this fa, I will poison such a man.
Ugo Chidinma Evelyn  said:
I wish we could spend more money on reasonable story lines like this. I enjoyed every minute of it.
Suzybeautiful  said:
What a good movie! Excellent actors, including all the children.
Deep truth that shows us what is happening to people in real life, Amazing Job well done to the cast and crew
Grace mensah said:
I love this movie the story line was great and all the actors did extremely well. I teared up a little
Kossiwa Anifrani said:
Touching, instructive.
Tamara Eteimo & Fredeick Leonard was very good in this one. #ICriedLikeABaby
Juliet Julius Oso  said:
Very touching movie
Chioma Adebusoye  said:
Very emotional Presently the movie is streaming on Iroko TV and also on DSTV do find time to watch.

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