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CNB News – Isamakis Empowerment Scheme
Isabella’s production Nig Ltd
In conjunction with
Makis Multipurpose Limited
Present 4 weeks Entrepreneurship
Training program in 8 different white
Collar Skill Acquisition during the Empowerment Program. It’s a type of Training that allows
Educated and non Educated ones to partake and acquire
Skill that would Help them become a professional in A certain course with less Expenses. This
Skill are divided Into Two Sector.
This two Sector are :
Information Technology and Media
The Information Technology Skills are :
. App Development
. Software Programming
. Computer Engineering
. Web Development
. Graphics Design
The Media Entertainment Skills are :
. 3D Modelling Animation
. Cinematography
. Film Production (exclusive part)
These are the 8 different Skills
You can learn during this 2019 Entrepreneurship Empowerment
Training Program

Application Requirement
1) Applicant must be upto 16 years and
not more than 35 years of age
2) Applicant must be a Nigeria
3) Registration fee NGN 5,000
(Five thousand naira only)
Applicants Benefit
1) Certificate will be issued to participate
after the 4 weeks Training .
2) Free learning materials will be given
to participate.
3) Participate will have the opportunity
For networking.
4) After the 1 month Training exercise
Best trainees will be empowered with
a 6 month contract in each filed.
Isamakis White Collar skill Acquisition
It’s a specific form of leaning and the
Ability to be trained on a particular
Fuction or task till you become a Professionl on the skill .
The theme of this 2019 entrepreneurship empowerment Training program is
” Building Professionals for Global Impact”
3 Reason why you should get a skills ?
Everyone needs to do something
When it comes to the issue on
Ground, there is also a reason for this
2019 Entrepreneurship Empowerment Training program the reasons are :
1) You stand a great chance of getting
a job in companies, if you don’t want

to be self employed.
2) You aren’t dependent on anyone for
3) You can become a boss I.e begin self
This are the major reason why you should consider acquiring a skill. if you want to be a
computer guru, technology expert or you have been thinking about going into the world of media
and entertainment then get ready to acquire skills that are profitable in this sector and become
a professional in the media world and technology world today .This 2019 Entrepreneurship
Empowerment Training it’s a platform to bring out Technology Techines and together with the
help of Entertainment.
For Sponsorship,Volunteering or Enquiries You can Call this number 08104244888
Or WhatsApp this number 09011751795 Why you place the power in your hands
And learn a skills .
for more information and registration
about the 2019 Entrepreneurship
Empowerment Training program
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