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CNB News – We the members of APC Presidentail Campaign Council and support groups under NYCSRF with coalition of Young Candidates of the Federal Government of Nigeria CYCFGN from the Nigeria Youth Headquarters on behalf of over 150 million Nigeria Young people, youths and students has reached a final resolution as the legal Aid of NYCSRF project of the Nigeria Youth Headquarters with about 10 man team from the federal ministry of justice and teams of legislative arms of government put togethers to commence the preparations of NYCSRF Bill which will be sentto the Presidency and National Assembly to be passed into law.

The Proposed Nigeria Youth Corporate Social Responsibility Fund (NYCSRF) Bill initiative which is designed to address the high rate of unemployment and underdevelopment affecting millions of young people and youths of our nation to take care of every Nigeria youth and students welfare and wellbeing. This NYCSRF initiative at the Nigeria Youth Headquarters is capable to address cases like high rate of suicides, drugs abuse and crimes in the nation Nigeria.

Within 3 years of Initiating the NYCSRF Project at the Nigeria Youth House in 2016 the NYCSRF Project has addressed allot of challenges affecting Nigeria Youths so Presenting the NYCSRF Project as a Bill to be passed into law at the floor of the National Assembly which will help address the high rate of unemployment and underdevelopment in the Nation is the top priority at this point which will help us achieve the Next Level second tenure of President Buhari to achieve his Government to record the best in history of Nigeria politics.

At this points all documentation process of this initiative shall be forwarded to Barrister Sam on Monday for commencement process.

Amb. Abideen Adam
S.A Media and Publicity.

Chief Amb. Vincent Ubani.

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