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CNB News – A press release from Bishop Sam Zuga of House of Joy ministry, in a press statement revealed that the Sam Zuga foundation’s NIRSAl cropping project for Ginger has been expended to include Soyabeans, and Jatropha and to cover five different local government in Benue state and more areas.


The Sam Zuga Foundation’s NIRSAL cropping project for Ginger was expanded to include Ginger,Soyabean,and Jatropha in the 2019 wet and dry seasons.All Farmers that subscribed to the project are advised to remain patient as NIRSAL have not yet disbursed any ticket in Benue State.The President of the Foundation have reached out to the management at CBN and wish to assure Benue Farmers, particularly those aggregated under SamZuga Ginger Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited that they will be the first to be giving inputs.NIRSAL have concluded farmland verification at Agasha in Guma and at Tarka and in all other places where the foundation acquired land for the projects.
The Benue farmers are advised to be a little patient with NIRSAL who are under pressure to deliver.

In a related development,the foundation is seeking to collaborate with the Benue State government and the central Bank of Nigeria over CBN resolve to sponsor a tomato outgrower scheme with Mega Food and Beverages Company Limited & other processing companies named as prized offtakers.Our farmers will also take part in this project at no extra cost whatever.

Finally,the foundation have established other links with world food program and US commodities aimed at establishing the proposed Sam Zuga Agric Business School At Kwenev in Guma,National Open University Study centre in GBOKO and consquently improving farm practices and export market of all our Agricultural Produce.

Farmers who are yet complete documentation of the BVN are to do so immediately and submit their names for the supplementary list being compiled for NIRSAL,CBN,WFP,US commodity board etc

To this end FCMB and SamZuga foundation have released a fresh timetable for BVN enrollment for those who registered before and those that are interested to register as follows:

10-11/6/2019 -Buruku
24-25/6/2019- Samzuga City

At the end of the FCMB promoted exercise zone A,B and C(already done) will be full bvn compliant at zero cost and ready for all local and international programs that will support them directly.

FCMB have also completed plans to establish the unique FCMB agency banking shops and quick agency banking locations in all these localities to be visited for the purpose of solving their banking needs and profiling Farmers for Kampe input loans as the need arises.
Bishop Dr Sam Zuga (Jehovah’s Field Marshall)
President,Sam Zuga Foundation and Founder of House of Joy International

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