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Tonto Dikeh has released a tell-all video titled “Evidence” in which she addressed her failed marriage to Churchill as well as the rumours and claims that have been flying around, some of them made by her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill Oladunni.

The actress said she is doing the video for her son, so he can grow up to see the fight she put up for him.

She said:


First of all, I’m a mother. Not just a mother, but a mother who is dangerously i love with her son and I want my son to grow up and watch or listen to my own side of the story that I told him through my channel because, really, this is for my son, not really for the public.


She continued:


Secondly, I’m doing this because my son’s father has constantly been pricking and pushing me to do a lot of irrational things online that is not me, because of the things that he’s doing behind the scenes.


She acknowledged that she knows the drama surrounding her marriage to Churchil Olakunle Oladunni is “overflogged” but she needs to address it in order to put it to rest.

She said at the start of the video: “I’ll like to clear up all the lies, all the allegations, and everything once and for all.”


"My son


In the interview, the mother-of-one released some “evidence” to prove that her claims about her ex-husband Churchill and his mother are true.

Some of the accusations she made in the video were that Churcill was a scammer and his mother was in on it. She claims she was the “biggest scam” Churchill ever pulled and she fell for it.

She said: “I feel terrible, I feel used. I am the bigest scam that Churchill Olakunle Oladunni has ever played in his life.”

She added in the tell-all video: “This is his mother, in on the same scam. The first time I met them, his mother told me she’s Obasanjo’s wife. It’s a scam. He told me he’s Obasanjo’s son. He’s a scam.

“He (Churchill) was a librarian for Obasanjo.

“His father, God bless is soul, even if I did not know him, I’m not sure I’d have hated him totally.

“This is his father. (She proceeds to show a photo of a man who Churchill bears a striking resemblance to).

“This is who his father is. His father was Obasanjo’s gardener that graduated into being a spiritua leader. This is his father.

“This man has never for one day, he always posts Obasanjo on Obasanjo’s birthday. ‘Happy birthday daddy.’ Even the brother. If you go to his page you’ll see him and Obsanajo, ‘Daddy I came to see daddy’. Not for one day have they ever posted this man’s picture (their real father). Because they want to keep scamming people that they’re Obasanjo’s son.”

She also claimed that Churchill constantly beat her up then connived to ensure that the CCTV footage proving this never gets released.

She said: “Why was the CCTV camera not released? Because he… He can’t release it because those tapes show how much he constantly beat me up.”

The mother-of-one broke down in tears as she showed a document to her viewers and accused her son’s father of embarrassing their son.

She accused him of being a “Yahoo boy” and said she once caught him red handed.

She said:


Now, fraud, 419, Yahoo. 

You know, you go online, you dupe white women, you go online, you dupe people. that’s what my son’s father does.

I’m not proud of it.

I told you, I say this interview, it’s mainly not for Nigerians.

I want my son to grow up, I’m not the kind of mother tht’s going to hide things from her son. No. My son will know everything and the whole truth.

So, yes. My son’s father is a fraud. He does Yahoo.

How I know, because I caught him in the middle of a red candle, with laptop in his lap and a red clothe tied around his waist.


Tonto Dikeh went on to insist she was the one who paid for her traditional marriage to Churchill and bought all the things he claimed he bought for her. She also spoke about her reason for doing this.

Watch the three-part interview in the videos below.




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