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Vote  Chijioke Stephen (CJ) for a vibrant governance in Peaceland college of Education Enugu, for good and transparent governance

Vote CJ for a vibrant governance in Peaceland.

It’s really time to restructure & to
place Peaceland College of Education Enugu in a good and transparent governance. It’s time for a capacity & eligible government in Peaceland. It’s time to take Peaceland to a greater height, And  I present to you Chijoke Stephen (CJ) for a fair service. A young man who is endowed with wisdom, agility, capacity & integrity to serve & not to be served.

My fellow students of Peacland College of Education lets support and vote for CJ for SUG  President
He is willing to take us all to a greater height.

Vote CJ for a vibrant governance in Peaceland.

Yes, We can.
Credit to Joy Onah

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