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#2019election: Atiku we know, “a humble philanthropist, a true and authentic democrat, a man of great vision” – Comr Akpa Francis

By Comr Akpa Francis

His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar Waziri Adamawa ( 2019 PDP Presidential Candidate ) unquestionably has become a phenomenal and recurring decimal in the politics of Nigeria and the International Community.

Waziri Adamawa is a relentless achiever, a master strategist, a man of great vision and dignity, a man of inestimable value, very principled and disciplined, a tireless activist, a humble philanthropist, a true and authentic democrat, a  man of boundless honour, a man of enormous dignity, a man of great vision, a man of distinguished excellence, principled and loyal to a course.

The former Vice President is a man of boundless energy, a kindhearted leader, a bridge builder, a devoted and loving husband and father, a gold nugget and inspiration for fellow compatriots, a treasure of hope to his followers, a man of envy to his opponents, a pride to our rich and beautiful nation, a great man of love, respect and hope.

What a gift to humanity !

Let’s get Nigeria working again !! Atiku/Obi2019

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