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See official triller: The most anticipated movie “Bridal shower” is coming to you in Cinema across the nation.

Its ready and coming to you in Cinema across the nation, the movie: Bridal shower is a movie you’d love to watch see what really happens having a Bridal shower.
Its not bad, and the bad experience is no good having a Bridal shower.

It’s official! THE BRIDAL SHOWER movie is coming to cinemas from 19TH OCTOBER, 2018! It stars top acts like Toyin Abraham,Helen Paul, Nazo Ekezie, Moyo Lawal, Ene Ochu, Peace Egwu, Myrrh Ejiofor, Lami Ese-George, Melvin Oduah, Frank John, etc!   Written and Directed by Aniedi Awah Noba.

And yours sincerely CNB is the Art Director of the movie: BRIDAL SHOWER
See the official triller video below:

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