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September 21st is finally here, happy birthday to me – Cletus Nicholas

September 21st is finally here guys, it’s another birthday for me, it’s plus another year to my years, its been God all this while.

I want to use this medium to appreciate those who have stayed glued to CNB for over 2years, those who belief in our platform, those who belief in the future of CNB. I appreciate your commitment  to our platform and we all at CNB will always look forward to getting the pivotal information to you at your finger tips.

Again, No atoms of fake news will be promoted or accommodated on our platform, as we are on the path of growing CNB to a world standard of fetching pivotal news.
Thank you all and continue to stay glued to CNB.
Brief about us below:

Cletus Nicholas Blog also known as CNB is a news platform into critical political
news, entertainment, we get original and verified contents from the music industry and movie industry on latest happenings, creating awareness about interesting movies and music, fashion and life style is never excluded, Every news you need to know on entertainment.
Sport is one of our basic content, here. Cletus Nicholas blog is an All time news platform for you to fetch the latest happenstance around the Globe.

We welcome all Adverts and sponsored post on Cletus Nicholas blog, CNB, as long as you are in terms an conditions of Cletus Nicholas blog on Adverts placement and sponsored post.
Events plans awareness is never excluded as well and you’d get your product viewed by over millions of people visiting Cletus Nicholas blog, on daily basis.

Below is a brief about the person Cletus Nicholas.

Cletus Nicholas is a filmmaker, movie director, art director, actor, a lover of music, a political activist. 

Who have worked for over 3years in the movie industry and  played different roles in the  industry within the space of the years, i have  done over 50 movie jobs as an art director, script supervisor, gaffer, grip and a director, my  recent movie project is currently showing on African magic showcase every Saturday on  channel 151, titled; Hook, Line and Sinker, have done commercial for different companies, worked for C-way company, Glo commercial, peak milk and more others.  

a passionate blogger who belong to the Guild of professional bloggers of Nigeria. As a blogger and a news publisher have rescued and helped a lot of  situation through information published on CNB.

Today being my birthday, I’m asking God for is grace, mercy, blessings, more money and a good long life,  as I continued to grace on in life.

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