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Episode 92: who is Atiku? ” ” A tested and proven democrat with nationalistic sense” -Comr Akpa Francis 

Who is ATIKU ?
Episode 92..

His Excellency, Alhaji ATIKU ABUBAKAR GCON
is a true leader who alone has all it takes to take Nigeria out of it’s current grave economic predicament and uncertainties. He is a wealth creator and knows how to bring back our jobs. 

As a tested and proven democrat with nationalistic sense, Waziri of Adamawa was the prime mover of 13% derivation on oil revenue to oil producing states, which the late General Yar’adua (Rtd) facilitated into the report of the Constitutional Conference of 1995. A leader who believes that no amount of resources is too much to be sacrificed to allay the feelings and fears of marginalization by any group or region in Nigeria. Today the 13% derivation principle is enshrined and sustained in the present constitution, kudos to him.

No doubt, His Excellency Alhaji ATIKU ABUBAKAR GCON has the political muscle to override all our political issues.

Let’s make it Right ! Let’s Think ATIKU 2019 !!Comr Akpa Francis

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