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AfriAdverts Monetization features for Web Publishers and Bloggers

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Online Marketing has taken a huge leap into development and advancements and a startup company called AfriAdverts is driving it at the front row.
AfriAdverts connects business owners with web publishers and influential marketers willing to advertise their brand to their target audience at a better, simplified and affordable price. 
It opens up various opportunities for both bloggers seeking to monetize their websites, web publishers aiming to make few bucks promoting businesses and also for businesses seeking to advertise their brands.
Aside from the outside skeleton of the company, AfriAdverts partners with various firms and top brands in the industry who help feature her client’s on top brands, billboards, TV, Radios and other available means.

As a startup company, AfriAdverts is doing just fine. With over 3,000+ users and over 30 million impressions being delivered monthly as an ad network, AfriAdverts might just be the next big thing.

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