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Here is all you need to know about Youths in Politics

Here is a statement release by the organizers of the movement: YOUTHS IN POLITICS on all you need to know about the movement.
Youths! We are capable, Tomorrow is now.

 Our mission :
To bring TOGETHER all the Nigerian youths that are fed up with the leadership failures in the country, breaking ALL known and unknown barriers and exploiting the strength in our unity for effective political participation to enthrone a patriotic government dominated by youths which will rule with integrity and modern ideas to the benefit of ALL Nigerians.

 Our Vision:
To enthrone a fair and balanced government where parochial considerations will no longer be a factor in the day to day life of any Nigerian.

Our goal:
To prove to all doubters that the Nigerian youths can organise themselves and can lead as we will work to strategically produce suitable LEADERS that are YOUTHS and present them to participate in  elections.

 Our Beliefs:
We are a group of YOUTHS that believe in ONE NIGERIA.
We believe that the Nigerian youths are smart, hardworking, determined and focused.
We believe that the Nigerian youths can organise themselves and can lead.

 Our core value:
We are blind to ethnicity,  language and other parochial considerations.

 Our approach:
To encourage ALL Nigerian youths to engage in politics by registering and obtaining their voters card and also belonging to a registered political party.

 Our slogan:

 Our colours:
Green for fertility
White for purity
Red for activity

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