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Queen Uriah Fyne, emerges the winner of “Face of Exclusive Niger Delta 2017/2018”

Queen Uriah is the winner of “Face of Exclusive Niger Delta 2017/2018.
Speaking with CNB in an Exclusive interview, she said:

“My name is Uriah fyne I hail from unyeada town in Andoni local government area in Rivers state.  I am 24years old,  studying office and information management in university of science and technology portharcourt rivers state,  i am from the family of nine three boys and six girls my Best colour is White, I hate lie and I love honesty, i am a commercial and print model I also do pageantry, current a crown titleholder with the name miss Nigerian ambassador southern region and winner face of exclusive Niger delta 2017. I join modelling 2014 I sign to Amebo magazine and was their cover girl 2016. I have done few pet project sponsor by Alohan Margaret ceo megapam enterprises. Currently working on lunching my own foundation by febuary name the voice foundation and working on a pet project tag stop teenage pregnancy in Andoni.”

That’s not the end guys, Read the full exclusive interview below:

[1/8, 12:23 PM] CNB: welcome to CNB Exclusive interview, CNB will like to meet you, your name, origin and field of study

[1/8, 12:49 PM] ‪Queen Uriah: Good afternoon sir. My name is Uriah fyne from Andoni rivers state studying office and information manager at university of science and technology portharcourt rivers state

[1/8, 12:50 PM] CNB: Have you been to a beauty contest before?

[1/8, 12:51 PM] ‪Queen Uriah: Yes

[1/8, 12:51 PM] CNB: How would you rate the once you have been to Pride of Africa universe beauty contest?

[1/8, 12:55 PM] ‪Queen Uriah: Well! All beauty contest is not the same, each organizers try their best to make the pageant worth it, it will be wrong if I rate one over one but kudos to Queen magerate Alohan she really try. Thank you

[1/8, 12:57 PM] CNB: So, how do you get to know about the Contest?

[1/8, 12:58 PM] ‪Queen Uriah: Queen Alohan Margaret is my Queen mother. I got the information from her

[1/8, 1:00 PM] CNB: What do you have to say about her pageant’s
Goals and aims

[1/8, 1:06 PM] Queen Uriah‬: The pageant was a very nice one, she put in so much efforts to making it a hit and it was a big hit. As for the goals and aim of it,  I believe the question can be best answered by her.

[1/8, 1:23 PM] CNB: Tell me more about Face of Exclusive Niger Delta.

[1/8, 1:39 PM] ‪Queen Uriah: 😁😁😁 face of exclusive Niger delta is a platform given to me by Queen mother Alohan Margaret, a beauty contest that was held last year were I emerge the winner. I carried a pet project last year which I gave out books and calender to encourage education sector am currently working on lunching my foundation (the voice foundation) were I will be reaching out to the less privalege and ophanage home also reach out to widows and teenager with challenges. My first project is tagged(stop teenage pregnancy in Andoni) we are currently having challenges on the issue of teenage pregnancy so I want to fight against it in my community.
[1/8, 1:41 PM] ‪Queen Uriah: An online campaign will be out soon On the issue of teenage pregnancy.

[1/8, 3:16 PM] CNB: Nice, What did you came up has, at the grand finale?

[1/8, 3:18 PM] ‪Queen Uriah‬: The winner of face of exclusive Niger delta 2017

[1/8, 3:30 PM] CNB: Wow, Congratulations Queen Uriah.
What’s your plan on impacting on the society as the winner of Face of Exclusive Niger Delta?

[1/8, 3:57 PM] ‪Queen Uriah‬: it is my duty as a beauty Queen to impact positive to the society at large. In moral standard, become humanitarian ambassador and fight for the right of the girl child in our society also be a role model to aspiring model and contribute to the growth of modelling industry in Nigeria.

[1/8, 4:06 PM] ‪Queen Uriah: The voice foundation  will be lunch soon to enabled me carry out my duty as a beauty Queen to the society. The voice foundation will also give free training,empowerment program, pet project, humanitarian services and lots more. Watch out for more🤞🤞

[1/8, 4:13 PM] CNB: Good.
What do you have to say to those looking up to you.?

[1/8, 4:26 PM] ‪Queen Uriah‬: Well for now I may not have much to offer my fans out there  but my prayer everyday God should bless me so I can be able to help who ever needs my help also life is not easy Nothing comes easy so you have to work hard, be patient, pray to God for favor, never give up no matter the challenges that comes your way. Were you are does not matter were you will be tomorrow is what matter. Back ground is not a barrier your believe in life is the way, In all your doing come clean, never pay people back with evil, Queen ester in the bible feed her enemy even to their death. we always use Queen ester in the bible as an example why beauty pageant is not a sin so we all should emulate her in our doing God bless you all Thank you.

[1/8, 4:27 PM] CNB: I Love this

[1/8, 4:28 PM] ‪Queen Uriah‬: 😂😂😂😘😘😘 thank you sir

See more of her beautiful photos below:


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    congrates Dear

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    Love your words of encouragement, congrats sweetheart. See you at the Top

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    This is Lovely.
    Congrats dear.

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