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Queen Isabella emerges the first runner up of ‘Miss Pride of Africa World 2017/2018″

Queen Isabella Amaka Chibunna was born on the 15th of April 1993, from IMO state, studied Mass communication. Queen Isabella is also an Actress, a model and a writer, Loves acting, singing, likes touring, her favorite colours are: pink and purple, she loves honesty and dislike fake people with passion.

Read our Exclusive interview with Queen Isabella below.

[1/8, 9:12 AM] CNB: welcome to CNB Exclusive interview, CNB will like to meet you, your name, origin and field of study

[1/8, 9:15 AM] ‪Queen Isabella‬: My name is Queen Isabella amaka chibunna from IMO state Ihhitte Uboma local government. I studied mass communication.

[1/8, 9:16 AM] CNB: Queen Isabella, How did you get to know about Pride of Africa world beauty contest?

[1/8, 9:19 AM] ‪Queen Isabella‬: It’s Gods favour, I was added in a group chart when I saw it  then I picked interest.

[1/8, 9:20 AM] CNB: have you been to a beauty contest before?

[1/8, 9:22 AM] ‪Queen Isabella‬: No I have not been to any beauty pageant before, Pride of Africa universe is my first pageant And I’m happy to partake.

[1/8, 9:32 AM] CNB: How would you rate the once you have been to and Pride of Africa universe beauty contest?
[1/8, 9:36 AM] ‪Queen Isabella‬: I have not been to any beauty pageant before. But I’m sure  pride of Africa universe is the best.

[1/8, 9:45 AM] CNB: In your own view, whats a beauty contest all about to you, and what’s Pride of Africa universe pageant about?

[1/8, 9:53 AM] ‪Queen Isabella‬: A beauty contest is a competition that’s traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical and intellectual attributes of the contestant.
 Pride of Africa universe is a pageant that brings out the uniqueness and attribute of a person.

[1/8, 10:37 AM] CNB: Do you think the screening was based on performance
Whats your view?

[1/8, 10:41 AM] ‪Queen Isabella‬: Thank you for the question. Yes, based on my perspective the screening was  based on  performance especially intellectual performance.

[1/8, 10:42 AM] CNB: What did you came up as, at the grand finale?

[1/8, 10:45 AM] ‪Queen Isabella‬: I emerged the first runner up and second queen, which is miss pride of Africa world.

[1/8, 10:47 AM] CNB: Congratulations Queen Isabella.

What do you have to say, to those looking up you and those who didn’t meet up to the top5 of the contest?

[1/8, 10:59 AM] ‪Queen Isabella: My advice to the ones looking up to me , is for them to believe in God and believe that they can make it in life and they can be whosoever they want to be in life they should never lose focus no matter the challenges around them.
For those that couldn’t reach the top5 of the contest , u are still a winner don’t look down on your self and never give up in your dreams anything you want to become. Thank you for the question.

[1/8, 11:01 AM] CNB: Finally, How do you want to be of great impact to the society?

[1/8, 11:06 AM] ‪Queen Isabella: Thank you for the question I have many plans and great  impact  to the society, I love surprises and I’m going to surprise my society, surprise my community, my country and Africa as a whole thank you.

Check more of her beautiful pictures below:


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    Congrates dear.

  • Anonymous, January 8, 2018 @ 11:44 am Reply

    Beautiful, congrats

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