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“Igbo fathers need to stop billing their daughters Husband to be”, Lady says her husband his broke and in Debt after spending all his money on their traditional wedding
Igbo fathers need to stop billing their daughters
An Igbo lady is really angry about the cost of her traditional wedding as it has drained herself and her Isoko husband finacially, to the point of being in debt. She took to facebook to rant about it. Read below…
I’m really angry and I must rant this rant……
I want to sincerely beg all igbo fathers here to pls stop the act of billing their daughters husbands to be just because they’re non igbos. It’s not fair at all because while they’re enjoying the money, their daughters are at the receiving end.
I’m of no doubt that some igbo ladies make good wives and all….my traditional wedding was last month and in all honesty, I now understand why most men marry igbo wives and subject them to suffering,i understand why most Igbo women are baby mamas instead of being the wives………. My husband is isoko and all his friends (igbos included )has vowed not get involved with any igbo lady.
I know some of my brothers and sisters would want to insult me, I know some of my friends here would want to inbox me to interrogate me, I don’t care because we’re back in Lagos, broke and for the first time in a long while, I’m now a debtor and can’t sleep or eat well.
Igbo fathers need to stop billing their daughters

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