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Atthah Emmanuel Omachoko emerges the winner of Pride of Africa universe in the Male Category

King Emmanuel emerge the winner of the Pride of Africa universe beauty contest in the Male category, in an Exclusive interview with CNB, King Emmanuel said ” i nerve knew i could make it to the finalist not to talk of emerging the winner of, Pride of Africa Universe”

BIO: Attah Emmanuel Omachoko hail from olamboro local government in Kogi state. The only son in the family studied Library and information science, born on the 29th of September, King Emmanuel is also a commercial model.

Read the interview below:
[10:13 AM, 1/2/2018] CNB: CNB will like to meet with you on CNB exclusive interview.
Please your full name, origin and field of study?

[10:18 AM, 1/2/2018] King Emmanuel: My name is Attah Emmanuel omachoko
Am from olamboro local government in kogi state
Am a graduate of library and information science(national diploma)

[10:20 AM, 1/2/2018] CNB: Nice having you here Attah Emmanuel,
So tell us how do you get to know about the beauty contest?

[10:22 AM, 1/2/2018] CNB: What did you came up as at the grand finale?
What do you have to say about the screening process to getting the winner of the pride of Africa universe.

[10:23 AM, 1/2/2018] King Emmanuel: Since I do spend most of my time on social media most especially Facebook, i saw the Information on Megapam models agency Facebook page And grab the opportunity

[10:26 AM, 1/2/2018] King Emmanuel: I never knew I could make it to the finalist not to talk of emerging the winner (Mr pride of Africa universe) God favour locate me, it was not easy but I bless God

[10:28 AM, 1/2/2018] CNB: And what do you have to say, about the screening process was it fair or out of place?
[10:30 AM, 1/2/2018] King Emmanuel: Honestly it was free and fair.

[10:29 AM, 1/2/2018] CNB: In your own understanding, what did you think Pride of Africa universe is all about?

[10:33 AM, 1/2/2018] King Emmanuel: To my own understand, pride of africa universe is a platform to promote your self and be a role model to people around you.

[10:33 AM, 1/2/2018] CNB: So, what did you emerge has, at the contest?

[10:34 AM, 1/2/2018] King Emmanuel: The winner of Pride of Africa universe, in the male category.
[10:47 AM, 1/2/2018] CNB: Congregations king Attah Emmanuel.
As the winner of the contest of the male category, what is your plan and how are you planning to positively impact on the society?
What do you have to say to thoes who didn’t meet up to the top 5 screened contestant?

[11:02 AM, 1/2/2018] King Emmanuel: My first pet project is coming up soon which is giving birth to a new society/back to school goodies, this 2018 will be a huge success for me I guess!
To my fellow constants who didn’t make it to the top 5, I will advice them not to give up the downfall of a man is not the end of his life stand up and more opportunities is yet to come!

[11:05 AM, 1/2/2018] CNB: Congratulation once again king Attah Emmanuel, kingly send pictures if the contest grand finale and Bio to:

see more photos below:


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    congratulations to you bro.

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