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 End SARS rally takes place all over Nigeria
End SARS rally takes place all over Nigeria today
campaign for the disbandment of the Nigeria Police Special Anti-Robbery
Squad SARS which started on social media two weeks ago, will continue
today with some aggrieved Nigerians marching in select cities all over
the country. The protest which is expected to be peaceful, will be
centered on the call for the Federal government to scrap SARS and
reconstitute it.
Over the last two weeks, Nigerians have come on social media to share
their very unpleasant experience with some SARS officials nationwide.
The complains have been very similar with some Nigerians backing their
stories with video and picture evidence. Many celebrities have also come
out to share their experience with SARS.
The Nigeria Police Force has however stated that it will not be banning the squad as the officers are doing just fine.
The protest in many states will start at about 9am.

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