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Watch video: Comic actor, Okon says: “90% of marriage proposals in public are pre-planned
Video: Comic actor, Okon says

Nollywood actor, Okon Lagos is not buying into all the public
marriage proposals and the drama that goes into it because he feels they
are mostly pre-planned.

According to hiim, ‘most marriage proposals in my opinion are
premeditated. The man knows or is very certain to a large extent that
his proposal is gonna be accepted. And to the ladies, most times the
tears are just drama. Who will want to kneel with a ring and ask a girl
to marry her in a mall in Lagos if he has the slightest feeling that he
may be turned down. In fact it is like elections result in Africa where
both the candidates and the citizens know the result before starting the
process. I know say person go ask me how I take propose give my wife’.

Watch the video below….

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