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Ghanian Rev. counsellor, cyril George carstensen lutterodt, says: “Yvonne Nelson has given birth to a stupid child.
"Yvonne Nelson has given birth to a stupid child" - Ghanaian Counselor Luterodt blasts actress in new video
How on earth does a man who claims to be representing God say things that are clearly not Godlike?
Controversial and self-styled relationship expert, Rev. Counsellor Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt, has called out Ghanian actress Yvonne Nelson following reports she welcomed a beautiful baby girl. But the worst part is, he didn’t just call out the actress, he also insulted her innocent child. 
"Yvonne Nelson has given birth to a stupid child" - Ghanaian Counselor Luterodt blasts actress in new video
Counsellor Lutterodt said children born out of wedlock are stupid and so is the actress’ child. He said that there is no excuse for any woman to have a baby when she is not married and added that, such pregnancies, culturally are described as “stupid” so as the children who come out. 
He went on to say that anyone who disagrees with him has no clue about the Ghanaian culture. He also said Yvonne is a disgrace and it’s obvious she’s even ashamed of what she has done, which is why she kept denying being pregnant.
“Yvonne Nelson doubted the pregnancy because she knows the guilt that comes out with this.She knows the process to pregnancy is after marriage. And if she has given birth unmarried, then I am very disappointed in her.”
He said all this in an interview with award-winning Ghanaian broadcast journalist, Abeiku Santana on Okey FM. Most of the interview is in their local language, but they later switched to English.
“Yvonne Nelson has disgraced me by going to have a child out of Wedlock,” he raged.
“What she has done is disgusting. I still stand by my word,” he added.
It seems his problem wasn’t with premarital sex but with the lack of use of contraceptives because he went on to say that she should have used a condom if she knew she couldn’t abstain.
“Can’t you use condom if you can’t abstain?” he asked. “This is why I told you that before the Orgasm Conference, I am going to get a tank full of condom and I’m going to force it into the bags of women in this country. Maybe that will help.
“This is why I said it before. If a woman allows a man to use his own condom on you, you’re a fool.”
Watch the interview below.

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