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Eleven year old scavenger beating to coma yesterday for mistakenly picking  an old iron at the cool off park  IYORCHIA AYU ROAD, in Benue State.

According to a Facebook usher who goes by the name; Bernard Bemva Akorsaha, posted about  the11years old boy beaten to Coma for picking old iron at Cool off park in Benue state.

The picture here is that of an 11 year old boy who was beating to coma by his wicked culprit who was said to be acting pursuant to the directive of his boss why securing the newly constructed cool off park said to be renovated by the Ortom’s government.Looking at him,one will understand that this little boy who looks hungry was scavenging to pick condemned items which he can sale to get feeding money so that he will not depend on his poor parents.
The boy said to be of Jukum origin and lived with his poor parents at Angwam Jukum,Wurukum Makurdi.
According to the little boy who was able to speak,when he picked up the condemned iron a security boy whose tribe was not ascertained arrested him,chained him and started beating him with his accomplices from morning til 4:00 pm on the orders of the site Engineer/contractor whom upon arrival and sensing that he will be held responsible should anything happened to him,gave the little boy 500 naira to go and eat but all the little boy did was to come and lie outside the gate of cool off and the security boy locked the gate.

Angered by the action against him, thousands of sympathizers barricaded the already fenced Cool off pack and insisted that he must come out or they will force him and enter the garden and all the people got from him was insults depending on what anyone said to him.
There was no where to pass as all Okada members packed their bikes and started throwing stones at him and he was also returning the stones, insult and busy making calls with his handset to give his principal the report of what was happening and angry people climbed the fence to me him in.
The police were yet to arrive as of when I stopped over.

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