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Do you want to shoot a movie, musical video or commercial and you don’t know the right equipment to use? Check out production equipment list here.

ARRI ALEXA, Red Dragon , Red Epic, Red Scarlet, Canon EOS 5d mk iii, Canon EOS 5d mac ii, Panasonic GH4, SONY A7s 2, Panasonic AG-AF100 , JVC pro hd camera, Blackmagic Cams 4k and 2.5k, RED and COOKE PL LENSES, XEEN PL LENSES, LOMO PL lenses, XENON PL LENSES, Rokinon ef lenses, Canon ef lenses, Gopro’s Hero3+, Drone phantom 4 Pro

hmi 6k, hmi 4k, hmi 2.5, hmi 1.2, hmi 575 (electronic and magnetic ballast ), 5k tungsten, 10k tungsten, kinoflos (2by4, 2by6,4by4, 6by4) , 2k fresnel, 2k blonde, 1k fresnel,red heads, parcans 64 flood lights , led panel battery powered light, led pacans, led moving heads, beam moving heads with 24 channel mixer, jupiter light 6 bulbs and 4 bulbs with dimmer board, soft box, strobe light, lazer light, ring light, dedo kit, sun gun, led Panel lights, UV mercury lights

 RONIN and DJI RONIN M , Engripment track and dolly 2 x straight and curve 8ft each ,Glide cam slider 5ft straight,  c stands (with arm and knuckle), Magic clamps, Magic arm , flags and gobo , Poly-board 4by4 and 4by8 ( white and black) , Poly holder, Reflector board , Reflector, Silk butterfly and diffuser with frames ( 4×4, 6×6, 12×12) , Pole cats, Minijib 12ft, Steadicams, Cranes 20ft, 25ft, 33ft and 40ft, Car mount (side and front) , Industrial fan (wind blower), Sand bags, Smoke machine, LOW FOG MACHINE , coloured Smoke, Trust ( rectangular goal post), 7” and 17.3” directors monitor , gels etc

12 and 4 channel field audio mixer, Lapel mic, H4n and H6n zoom recorders, Boom mics and boom sticks, Boom cables,

10kva, 50kva and 60kva

Complete 20, 12, 8  and 4 channel Atem 4K Blackmagic and data video HD-SDI broadcast mixer

40 by 40 international standard film studio.
professional manpower to handle all equipment for the best output, transportation of equipment and manpower to and fro any locations both inter and intra state.

Call.. Bright.. 07061548428 08028288054

Call CBN for more inquiries: +2349063560201

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