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Rob kardashian is paying Black Chyna $20,000 a month, but their is still a Catch

It’s no longer news that Rob has agreed to pay his baby mama Chyna $20K a month in child support. However, Chyna’s days of getting that money may be numbered and here’s why.

Apparently, Rob Kardashian is broke. His days on the reality show is over and he makes next to nothing on his sock business. The monthly child support money is actually coming from Rob’s family and they are doing that because they really love baby Dream and want to be a part of her life. They also worry about Chyna and her ability to care for the child so that’s why they are making the sacrifice.

Rob Kardashian is paying Blac Chyna $20K a month but there

Rob on his part loves Dream fiercely and wanted to make sure he got 50/50 custody. Also Chyna was holding a domestic violence restraining order over his head, which could ruin his chances of getting 50/50 custody, and part of the deal was that she’d drop it in return for getting the cash. The Kardashian family felt that was a small price to pay in order to have a relationship with Dream so they agreed to it, though they felt all along Chyna’s motivation was money.

But here’s how things could change for Chyna; Rob can always go back to court and ask for a modification of child support based on his lack of income. If he does that, Chyna will no longer be getting the $20K monthly support.

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