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Watch video: Ayo Fayose says: “Only Nigerians can determine if I’ll become president, not PDP”

Following the declaration of his intention to run for preident in 2019, Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose has said only Nigerians can determine if he will become president and not his party, PDP.
In an interview with Channels TV Fayose said,

‘let me say to you very expressly that it is not the national working committee of PDP that will determine, it is the people of Nigeria. May I say to you very clearly that some of the people in the working committee have ambition, they must be threatened by what I’ve done today and I will say to you again if anybody has ambition in the north, let him come straight and tell us’.
He continued to say, ‘In another one year, parties will be doing primaries, let them come out; this party must not die. If anybody is afraid, I am not. There are two legs to life some are afraid of incarceration, some are afraid of death, I am not afraid of any. In America, when they want to campaign, they campaign in upward period of two years, they sell themselves; you want to tell us to have a president that will come out three months to the election and come and tell us you want to be president of Nigeria?

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