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High school teacher accused of having sex with four students

A former high school art teacher,
Jessie Lorene Goline in Arkansas has been accused of having sex with four students.
According to Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports, Jessie who taught at Marked Tree High School in northeast Arkansas, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with one count of first-degree sexual assault,
Prosecutors say Goline faces a single charge because only one of the students was younger than 18.The 25 year old teacher, allegedly had sex with the students between January and April of 2016.
During one incident, a student, who was in Goline’s class, said she picked him up and took him to her apartment to have sex, and then dropped him back off at Marked Tree High School that day. Goline is accused of having sex with another student on that same day.
Another student said he was dropped off at Goline’s apartment in Jonesboro, where they had sex. The fourth student said Goline commented on his looks and reportedly sent him a photo of herself in a thong.Authorities began investigating Goline in April after a parent accused the teacher of having sex with multiple students

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