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Idara Frank, came up as the TOP5  MPFN beauty contest, looking stunning and beautiful. (See photos)

Idara frank samuel is one of the contestant of the just concluded MPFN beauty search season 1, we are happy to announce to you that Idara Frank came up as the Top5 of the beauty contest and she looks so cool and beautiful.

Speaking with CNB, she talks about the realness of the beauty contest and its impacts
Read below:

CNB: please, tell us your name and area of specialization

Queen Idara: My name is Idara Frank Samuel am from Eket Akwa Ibom State am an aviation student.

CNB: wow, nice. So, tell us our did you get to know about the beauty contest?

Queen Idara: A friend of mine told me About it

CNB: how was the beauty contest conducted, would you say it was fear in its selection of the Queen and was a successful one?

Queen Idara:  Yes, the selection of the Beauty Queen was fear and It was a success

CNB: wow, that’s sounds real cool, so tell us, have you been into any beauty contest before and how would you rate the once you have attended and the just concluded search for MPFN?

Queen Idara: yes I have,there is really no difference except the fact that those ones have been exciting.

CNB: in your own terms what do you have to say about MPFN?

Queen Idara : I will say (MPFN)is a pageant with strong will and focus,and their aim is to help young girls realize their true talent,and also know that they can be industrious

CNB: what did you came up as, at the MPFN grand finale?

Queen Idara: I am the first runner up (MPFN)

CNB: wow, congrates, any word from you?

Queen Idara: yes, i want to say to my fellow young girls to keep pushing don’t ever give up until you get there

See more beautiful pictures of her below:

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    Beautiful ' congratulations dear

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