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If you cant beat the traffic, enjoy every moment, with Airwick Lavender
What if the rain is not stopping soon and if you can’t beat it, then have your way around it.
It’s your TGIF night and you were out with friends only to get stuck in traffic for hours, what would you do? Worry about missing the movie, getting late to the party, or getting it started right in the car!
It’s as if nothing else matters, immerse yourself into the world of no limits with Airwick and make your car whatever you want it to be. Got music, drinks and popcorn… then it’s enough to start the night.
With Airwick’s range of scents, you’re guaranteed long lasting fragrance. Airwick’s revitalizing fragrances makes every time on the road worth it.
Don’t let anything stop the fun, even in your car.
If scent moves you, visit

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