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More drama: AY replies Hushpuppi,says:”chairman adjust your personality to my low level and honour me with a response
Drama between comedian, AY and Hushpuppi started earlier today after AY shared a photo of himself rocking a Gucci bag and asked Hushpuppi to verify if it’s original.

 Hushpuppi clapped back at him and deleted his Instagram page for a while.

Well, while celebrating Nigeira’s victory in the football game against cameroun, AY pleaded with Hushpuppi to come down to his level and honour him with a response. He shared the photo above and wrote;
“The chat between me and Onazi was before the Nigerian game that we won 4:0. if you invest in @aycomedian victory is yours… Chairman @hushpuppi adjust ur personality to my low level, honour me with a response and bless me with more Gucci products. You will experience increase in your life within 24 hours #yourboy”

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