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Justin zhang says: Nollywood movies can gross up to $50 Million in the Chinese Box Office

The CEO of StarTimes Nigeria, Mr Justin Zhang said the opportunities are enormous for Nollywood in China.
StarTimes is working with one of the major movie distributors in Nigeria and China is holding talks with the Minister of information, a top Nigerian Bank and other major players to see to a successful exportation of Nigerian movies to China. This was stated after a meeting with the
Minister of Information and Culture in Abuja.

“Apart from the fact that a lot of jobs will be created when this kicks off, it is also an opportunity for producers and actors in Nigeria to increase their earnings. Imagine if a Nollywood production is exported to the Chinese box office where over 45,000 movie screens exist, the opportunities are unending. It will be a dream come true for us at StarTimes to see Nollywood movies grossing up to $50 million in the box office someday.” Justin said.

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