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Badoo strikes again, smashes woman’s head after church vigil in Ikorodu

Three suspected members of the dreaded Badoo group on Saturday disguised as worshippers to attack members of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church located at the Igbo Agbowa, Ibeshe in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

According to reports, the Badoo suspects had worshiped with members of the church during the vigil, which ended around 3am on Saturday.

While the church members had slept off, the court members reportedly struck, smashing a stone on a woman’s head who had attended the vigil in the church.
It was reported that the victim whose identity is yet to be revealed raised an alarm after she was attacked, waking up other church members and residents of the Igbo Agbowa area who came to her rescue.

A source said the crowd in the area chase the suspects as they were escaping and was able to apprehend one of them.
The suspect has since been handed over to the Ipakodo Police Station in Ikorodu, while who escaped being killed is being admitted to a hospital.

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